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Mar 27, 2011 7:00am EDT
>> business news from the capital region. this i"washington business report" with abc7 nanation correspondent rebecca cooper. >> said thank you for joining us. it has been a difficult week for the global a economy. of the disaster in japan continues to unfold and the economic effects are being felt here. ford motor co. told its dealers a cannot deliver a specific color paint because the pigment is made in japan and the longer available. this is a week where japan plays a big part in boosting our economy thanks to a 1912 gift of friendship. thiss the week we kickoff cherry blossom festival thanks to those 3000 trees delivered from japan. joining us today elliott ferguson ceo of destination c. we are glad to have him here to discuss the festival and the importance of tourism. we know about the people come to town because we see all the traffic but how many are expecting in town? >> thank you for having me here today, rebecca. we are expecting over 1 million people to come to whington, d.c. in the 2011, similar to what we had last year. for us, it is the beginning of the spring to
Mar 11, 2011 8:00pm EST
on "washington week." everywhere you look, new challenges. in japan where hundreds are dead and thousands are missing. in libya, where muammar qaddafi clings to power. in wisconsin where a collective bargaining confrontation finally comes to a head. everything lands on the president's plate. >> we can't keep on running the government based on two-week extensions. that's irresponsible. gwen: plus, we remember the wisdom of david broder. >> if you're willing to try to lead that government or achieve the leadership position in that government, you have to try to build some trust for yourself. gwen: covering the week, san balls and karen tumulty of "the washington post," and doyle mcmahon us in of "the l.a. times." >> live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill. produced in association with "national journal." corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> we know why we're here. to connect our forces to what they need when they need it. >> to help treat sea danger before it sees them. >> to answer the call of the brave and bring them safely home. >
Mar 22, 2011 9:00pm PDT
teachers from our school. that's just personnel. what does that mean for washington? we'll be a desirable school to undesirable school already people are calling up and finding out we may not be able to give them the classes you are shorting us 200 students. we are a desirable school. then we'll have an operational budget. please do that. thank you. i've been a high school teacher for 16 years. i'm also here to represent a multiethic african-american students. strong sxroe comprehensive high schools should continue to serve kids from the study. why destroy the district's strengths. students first, right. why aren't cuts being made. teachers working in the class node to be the priority as well. teachers have to do more with less all the time. employ yoes outside the classroom have to do the same. do not drop washington's enrollments below 2200-200 in enrollment. >> please finish up. >> thank you. >> i'll say this quickly. there are a lot of people in he here. >> my name is desean smith. i think teachers have some luterbrain. moving them to different schools. we go to teachers and tell them
Mar 12, 2011 6:30pm EST
16th ranked arizona leading washington here in l.a. at the pacific life pac-10 tournament. ♪ complete with sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium. four electrolytes lost in sweat. ♪ powerade ion4. the complete sports drink. gus: you are watching the pacific life pac-10 tournament. 17-14, close game at the start. our heart goes out to the victims of japan's devastating earthquakes. gus johnson along with coach wenzel. and they started off a little tentative. but lately both teams established their flow. bob: one team shooting 70%, arizona. the thing that's been absent is the offense of derrick williams. first possession in a 2-3 zone defense. they used it last night. look at the middle, -- gus: suggses with a good look and hits. bob: they have three or four guys who can make threes on this team. only team in the country where four players had 40 threes or more in the season. gus: washington a 37% three-point shooting team. inside to perry. bob: watch number five here, he controls the paint. bob: as a team if you shoot over 35% from three, that is great. the great players
Mar 4, 2011 8:00pm EST
about the test of democracy. tonight on "washington week." >> the violence must stop. muammar qaddafi has lost the legitimacy to lead and he must leave. gwen: but what can the u.s. do to make it happen? sanctions, navy ships, no-fly zone, all being debated but the bloodshed continues. at home there's no blood but it's a standoff all the same. >> the best way to govern is quit spending more money than we take in. >> we need to cut spending. >> we also believe those cuts must be smart and targeted. gwen: congress gets a two-week reprieve to approve a budget but the underlying fight is far from over. and at the supreme court, a near-unanimous vote that flies in the face of public opinion. >> my first thought was eight justices don't have the common sense god gave a goat. gwen: testing the limits of free speech. covering the week, james kitfield of national journal, john harwood of cnbc and "the new york times," and joan biskupic of "usa today." >> award-winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifil
Mar 12, 2011 6:00pm EST
championship, washington against arizona. we will send you to los angeles right after this. [ cellphone vibrates ] hey, baby, what's going on? [ woman ] happy anniversary! are we still on for tonight? yeah, of course. of course. [ laughs ] you remembered to make a reservation, right? yeah, i remembered that. the number-one thing a man should remember. i'm gonna be there soon. i'm gonna come pick you up. and i'll, uh -- i'll -- i'll -- i'll call you -- i'll call you when i'm on the way. i'm -- i'm on the way. okay. okay. [ male announcer ] in the network, your iphone can talk and surf at the same time. relax, i got something new for you. is it all new picks? even better, 2 for $20. with the all new flavors of bourbon street. that sounds good. swish! [ male announcer ] it's the big tournament, and you need some big flavors to go with it. so applebee's has jazzed up 2 for $20 bourbon street style. new bourbon street chicken & shrimp and cajun shrimp pasta. plus favorites like the 7 ounce house sirloin. one appetizer. two entrees. 20 bucks. 2 for $20, now with the flavors of bourbon street.
Mar 18, 2011 8:00pm EDT
with the fallout from uprising and disaster. tonight on "washington week." >> ample warning was given qaddafi needed to stop his campaign of oppression or be held accountable. gwen: as muammar qaddafi closes in on rebels, the world community reacts. >> i urge you to immediately cease-fire and work with the resolution. >> the violence must stop, the killing must stop and the people of libya must be protected and have the opportunity to express themselves freely. gwen: will can do you havey he -- will qaddafi lose his grip? are we on the brink of all-out war? while on the other side of the world, japan copes with a disaster of biblical proportions. after the quake. after the flood. now nuclear fallout. >> there's no water in the spent fuel pool and we believe radiation levels are extremely high. gwen: how japan's calamity could affect us all. covering the week, tom gjelten of npr, coral davenport of "national journal" and david wessel of "the wall street journal." >> award-winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week."
Mar 27, 2011 9:30am EDT
are expecting or 1 million people to come to washington, d.c. in the 2011, similar to what we had lastear. for us, it is the beginning of the spring tourism season and it launches the entire momomentum of tourism for the city for the rest of the year. >> there was s some talk behind closed doors about canceling the festival entirely because of the events in japan. it started with a vigil at t the washington monument. people will be celebrating our kinship japan. i was interested to see how much our international tourists have gone up in number. where are we getting most of ththem from these days? >> most of our internanational tourism, the folks are coming primarily from europe for obvious reasons. their dollar is much stronger than our currency is. they have e four weeks of vacation each year veus two for most folks here in the u.s. we a very excited about european interests here in washington d.c. and also canadian interests. >> number o canada, number two, great britain, but you have been tarargetingng oths as wl. you have a campaign coming up. >> it is an opportunity for us to celebr
Mar 25, 2011 3:00am PDT
. >> good evening. i'm a senior at george washington high school. i came address the tax exceptions. it would mean noerly 8 students would laernd grow in washington. i wasn't pursuing an educational career. now i've met inspoiring teachers. they both inspired me personally. if those tax exceptions don't go through, washington will barely be able to build the process. i'd like to p.l.o.ed the board members out here to pass the tax exceptions to go through. thank you for your time. >> thank you. good evening, e. a lot of consequences affecting students. some of the concerns we have is there will be fewer teachers for sure. a lot of different classes. allowing student it's pursue their interest and passions and barely covering requirements. this will definitely require students that want to go to a very good school. as a senior right now. >> could you state your name? >> virginia lee. >> thank you, virginia . >> good evening. i'm a seen juror at george washington high school. i've met many teachers who have helped inspire and guide me. they've helped keep me safe. if these features ge
Mar 4, 2011 5:00am EST
>>> straight ahead @ 5:00, 1500 strong and on strike. nurses at washington hospital hit the picket line. we will tell you why. >> a final drive to save the season. the nfl and the players' union take one last shot at stopping a lockout. >> and a warmer we can forecast. we continue right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good friday morning. i am greta kreuz. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us had thought the clock on this friday. we will check in with lisa baden shortly. we have a wet weekend ahead? >> the second half of the weekend will be a washout. it looks likely that we will have moderate to heavy rain showers moving through on sunday. a slow-moving frontal boundary. so the rain will linger all day long. 26 in leesburg, 29 in germantown, 30 in newington, 28 in washington, virginia. partial sunshine. fair amount of clouds overhead. temperatures near 50 degrees. that is average. limited sunshine to model with high temperatures near 60. not a bad saturday. on sunday, periods of rain, heavy at times. >>> minor crash on the geor
Mar 19, 2011 12:00am EDT
to georgia. clark: well, georgia can ill afford empty trips now. washington wants to defend without fouling and romar wants a time-out. jim: jim: washington has two time-outs. georgia one. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] jim: a year ago washington made it to the sweet 16 and its run ended by the mountaineers of west virginia. a couple up on ware. must get something out of this trip. clark: they need something out of every trip, jim. jim: ware stepping up and it's a three. he hit the floor. but also fail told hit the rim. clark: i think he hesitated. that shot was available before he pump faked. washington wi
Mar 25, 2011 5:00am EDT
>> the blossoms are blooming, for one of washington's most famous celebrations. we will look ahead to the start of the cherry blossom festival. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. friday, to rise and shine. i am cynne simpson. >> we have made it to friday. thanks for joining us, i am alison starling. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment. first, steve rudin. we have cherry blossoms and it still feels like winter. >> a week ago today it was near 80 degrees. nothing like that on the way any time soon. it is a cold start to this friday morning. 30 degrees at dulles, 25 in frederick, 27 in hagerstown. it feels more like a late winter outside. skies are mainly clear right now. we will abundant sunshine for the morning. the clouds will start to increase in the late afternoon. here is the forecast. high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40's to about 50 degrees. mostly cloudy skies by 11:00 tonight with temperatures around 40. snowfall in the forecast for the weekend. first, let's hear what lisa baden has to say. >
Mar 27, 2011 8:30am EDT
>> hoy en agenda washington estaremos hablando sobre la visita del presidente barack obama a suelo suramericano, ¿se reforzarán los lazos políticos y comerciales con brasil, chile y el salvador? lo hablaremos en el estudio. además, todo lo que pasa en washington. >> "agenda washington". bienvenidos a "agenda washington", les habla mario sol. comprometió de afianzar el comercio y la cooperación >> con el propósito de crear nuevas alianzas para el progreso de las américas, el presidente barack obama visitó los países de bra de la unión ante el congreso; la gira comenzó en brasil donde el primer mandatario estadounidense se reunió con su homóloga dilma rousseff, en un encuentro que tuvo como objetivo mejorar las relaciones con el país sureño después de un periodo marcado de tensiones entre ambas naciones. obama calificó a brasil como un modelo a seguir para el mundo Árabe por su transición de dictadura a democracia y resaltó su extraordinario ascenso a potencia mundial. de brasil el presidente obama se dirigió a chile donde se encontró con el líder nacional seb
Mar 3, 2011 4:30am EST
the bay. it's in the mid and upper 20s to near 30 right near washington, but farther west and north, low 20s. and look at the windchills. it feels like 17 degrees in washington. we've had winds gusting to around 20 miles an hour. windchills in the teens and low 20s. we do have a mostly clear sky now. we have an area of high pressure that's over us again here and it will give us plenty of sunshine today, but much colder than average temperatures. there's the washington monument under will clear sky and by 9:00, we'll still probably be below freezing and winds will settle down by noon. briefly touching near 40 by midafternoon. and then back down to the upper 30s under a clear sky. turning cold again tonight. your night planner coming up at 4:41. how is traffic? >>> pretty good shape. had a bunch of overnight road work on the beltway over northern virginia. traveling both directions between arlington boulevard on up toward's eye sons corner, a lot of construction affecting both directions with two or three lanes closed both inner loop and outer loop, but all of that should be picked up by 5
Mar 7, 2011 4:30am EST
and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead on this monday, is the old man winter's last stand? weekend rains as well as snow and ice in some places. that could mean dangerous driving conditions. good morning, washington. i hope you had a great weekend. happy monday, everybody. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, adam caskey. >>> heavy rainfall across the region turned into a little sleet and snow on the backside of that system with dr. mwest of the blue ridge. over 3 inches in centreville, ashburn, manassas, and mount airy. in frederick, 2.9, 2.5 in warrenton, 1.8 in the district. over 1.5 inches in adelphi. temperatures are around freezing. expect ice here and there. today,n the low 50's very windy. gusting 35 miles an hour out of the northwest today. partly cloudy tonight, upper 20's in outlying areas. tomorrow, mid 50's. the next rain is late wednesday. >>> there's a crash in the hov lanes for 395 northbound. glebe road and washington boulevard, some traffic is ab
Mar 8, 2011 12:38am EST
looked at it, i did not see a department of happy in washington, d.c. there is no such thing. we have to become an in power and society. we have to win power businesses to create jobs -- we have to become an empowerment society. [applause] we have got to empower the states to do what they do best, which is to solve the problems in the states. they cannot be solved in washington, d.c. note i will ask you a rhetorical question. when was the last time that something was micromanaged in washington, d.c., and it worked? time is up. we have to move to note -- to an empowerment society. now, we call them entitlement programs, and the only way we will get our hands around the spending is that they have to be restructured, and the state is given more responsibility and authority to do what they do best, and that is to deal with the people's problems at the state level. empowerment, not entitlement. [applause] and then my third guiding principle but i want to share with you is not about us. it is not about us. our founding fathers did their job. we must all now be the depending father's -- defe
Mar 7, 2011 6:00am EST
scandal. >> gas prices rise faster and earlier than ever. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this monday, march 7. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. i hope you had a good weekend. soaking yesterday. we have school delays. frederick county, on a two-hour delay as well as washington county. page county, virginia, two hours. frederick county, virginia is one-hour. winchester, virginia, won an hour. >>> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, adam caskey. it was all about rain and cold temperatures. >> temperatures plummeted on the backside of the system. rain turned into snow for a few hours, mainly west of the blue ridge on the backside of that storm. temperatures are at freezing and below freezing in a few neighborhoods, causing some ice. be wary that this morning. i had to scrape my windshield this morning. 33 in the district and martinsburg. wind chills are in the 20's at this time. the wind will subside later this e
Mar 7, 2011 5:00am EST
than ever. "good morning washington at 5:00 a.m." begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. , good morning. i hope you had a good weekend. let's get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden, the birthday girl, in a moment. let's start with meteorologist adam caskey. >>> it is windy and out there today. that will help you move a little bit. look at the wind gusts that we have right now. by the way, temperatures are in the low to mid 30's. gusts up to 35 miles an hour, making it feel like the 20's. it feels like 19 in hagerstown, 23 districts, 27 is a wind chill in lexington park. northwesterly wind gusting for most of the day, citing this evening. high temperatures around 50. mid to upper 40's in hagerstown. partly cloudy tomorrow. not far from average. a few degrees above. mid 50's tomorrow afternoon. happy birthday, lisa baden. >> thank you. >>> a pickup truck spun out on 27 south0 lb after montgomery village avenue, unfortunately. it looks like that may
Mar 8, 2011 6:00am EST
washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this tuesday, march 8. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> good morning. a beautiful picture over the bay. sunrise in about 30 minutes. mostly clear skies overhead at this time. it's got to be another nice day with partly cloudy skies by midday and afternoon. you can see clear skies over the district, 33 degrees right now. we are below freezing for the most part. there are exceptions. 27 in brunswick and hagerstown, 25 in warrenton, 23 in berkeley springs, 29 in chevy chase. highs today in the low 50's with a fair amount of sunshine. mostly cloudy tomorrow, rain tomorrow evening and especially tomorrow night. throughout the entire day on thursday. heavy rain at times. a flood watch wednesday night through thursday. thursday morning could be a tricky commute. >>> what this. going live to newschopper 7 in
Mar 6, 2011 9:30am EST
into next year. washington is going to be in a great position to see increases in broadcast, advertising, and printing. >> i have seen ways you are moving into social m media. what are some of the new opportunities out there? >> social media is very interesting. social media -- there are all different kinds of. >> facebook, twitter -- >> i did not want to mention the names. facebook is a really interesting advertising medium because the profile you. they know what you like. i am doing anevents all over the country. we just are doing facebook advertising. if it is a boat show, and in your profile you like boats or water skiing or jet skiing, you are going to see that advertisement with an portunity to click on a coupon. it is a great way to gauge that it works. >> thank you both. jay, you are going to stick around for another segment. before we take a break, we have stories about the local economy. a 16.3% increase in commercial real estate, mostly from property in the city's central business district. and northrop grumman deliver news that underscores the fragility of the economy, sayin
Mar 31, 2011 6:00pm EDT
metropolitana de washington, para ir despues a florida y nevada. "y esa campana para poner fin a las deportaciones se detendra tambien en muchas otras ciudades, entre ellas chicago, denver, orlando, nueva york y san antonio, en fechas que aun no se determinan. desde el capitolio en washington, recientemente, el congreso voto a favor de eliminar el programa de vivienn sus siglas en ingles "hamp" porque no estabado s sultad. marosa de hesta>sejo trabajando el programa y creemos que inviertan los fondos a otros programas que si estan trabajando" por su parte, sectores a favor del ograma urgen al gobierno presentar modificaciones para mejorarlo.. "y organizaciones nacionales y locales tambien estan impulsando campaÑas para advertir a los latinos sobre los posibles fraudes. personas inescrupulosas se aprovechan de la necesidad de estos inmigrantes y les prometen que pueden salvar sus casas y terminan robandoles dinero" "tenga mucho cuidado con personas que le hagan promesas que le digan que definitivamente ellos van a poder salvar
Mar 5, 2011 6:00pm EST
overnight in southeast washington. the murders ale happened with hours of each other. the first shooting take place around 11:50 last nights in the 3000 block of nelson place southeast. selena knight stabbed to death. three hour later 36-year-old vanessa magui shot on b street. 30 minutes after that, 20-year-old henry kelly shot to death on buena vista terrace. >> well, we have the ability to call hon extra manpower to help the squad that was on duty at the time, and that's what we've done. we have called in extra detectives and utilizing extra manpower to handle the cases. >> a suspect has been arrested for the murder of vanessa mcgee. police do not believe any of the shootings are connected. >>> i wants to turn to weather. heavy rain in ohio causing flooding across that state. runoff from indian lake flooded some neighborhoods in russells point. flood warnings issued along the sigh ota river in central ohio. at least 2 1/2 inches of rain has fallen so far. the state is already saturated from earlier rains. tornados from that same storm system killed one person and injured 12 others in
Mar 31, 2011 4:30am PDT
'm a seen juror at george washington high school. i've met many teachers who have helped inspire and guide me. they've helped keep me safe. if these features get cut, we wouldn't have the classes nesterovic to meet california's university standards. i was told when i was younger to go for the american dream. this is where the power is. people are coming up and expressing communication problems expressing frustration with this scenario that is totally unrealistic. i would like to know where the power is with this board and with you? basically, we need to hear your voice. we need to hear on the radio in the news everyday. it has to be if we want to promote what we are doing here in san francisco. we are looking here to be the leaders. just because the district amount hands over money and you ask them to decide how to skin their own hides. that doesn't mean they have autonomy or equity. people are coming to you to try to see if they can get a reasonable decision and definitely some powerful voices here about what we need to do as citizens, thank you. going to give you a snap shot and how we a
Mar 4, 2011 6:00am EST
, in the 20's in outlying areas. 27 in huntingtown and washington. 31 in the district. the variable cloud cover today, 50 degrees for the high temperature, which is near average. that's 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. near 60 tomorrow with patchy drizzle especially late in the day. sunday will be the day for rainfall. 10 two inches possible. >>> 66 eastbound slowing in centreville. 95 delays in woodbrige and prince william parkway across the395 building in volume in landmark -- 395 building in volume in landmark. you're looking at an area near 98, both sides carrying the same volume. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a walkout at washington hospital center. in about two hours or now one hour or actually, 1600 nurses will begin a strike. >> they are demanding better pay for weekends and overnight hours. pamela brown has the latest from the west. >> good morning. 1600 nurses at washington hospital center, many of them set up with negotiations. the sticking point for them is over hardship pay. at 7:00 this morning they will go off the job and on to the ticket line. the contentious contract di
Mar 21, 2011 11:00pm EDT
, virginia y washington dc, aunque se extendera gradualmente a todo el pais en los recomendaciones para mejorar la seguridad de los ninos cuando son transpdos en un culo, el aso nom acidos, nil asie.." "todo depende de la estatura del nino , la forma como se sienta el nino debe de ir en el asiento de atras obviamente ya mas grande que le queda el cinturon...." "y uno de los errores mas comunes que cometen los padres es permitir que sus hijos se sientan adelante cuando en realidad es a apartir de los 13 anos cuando lo deben de hacer..." pero a veces los padres no se dan cuenta del peligro... "se siente bien uno con su hijo, yo lo he sentado adelante pero no libremente pero le he puesto el asiento ...yo me siento bien llevandolo a la par mia... " otro error es el no pedir ayuda .. "no piden ayud
Mar 20, 2011 11:15pm EDT
>>> welcome to the washington area nissan dealers sports extra. >> i'm lindsay murphy. thanks for joining us tonight for nissan sports xtra. on tap john wall gives the wizards something to cheer about and the hoyas and terps get set for a backyard brawl, about the first a look at george mason versus ohio state. it's not that mason played badly because they definitely didn't. ohio state is just that good. they were given the no. 1 seed for a reason and this game it seemed everything the buckeyes threw up went into the basket. it didn't help luke hancock was sick with food poisoning. there's jim larranaga nervously pacing in the early goings, but his mason patriots got off to a quick start, cam long's three from up top off the back of the rim and in. he had a team high 16, patriots up 11-2, but the buckeyes would turn the tables. aaron kraft zips the pass to gerald sullenger for the layup and fall. final seconds of the 1st half aaron kraft finds john deibler who hits the three-pointer. ohio state led at the half. 2nd half more daggers from dow
Mar 5, 2011 6:15pm EST
the individuals and groups spurring advertising around the country. "washington journal" is live at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. in his weekly radio and internet address, president obama urges congress to agree on a budget that cuts government spending without sacrificing needed investments in education. he gives his remarks from high school in miami where he spoke to students and faculty members. the tennessee rep has the republican address. she says reducing government regulation is the path towards job growth. >> i am visiting a school in miami. jeb bush and i feel it is an american issue with education. we've got to deal with what teachers and students are doing. we have to step up our game. our top priority has to be creating new jobs and opportunities in a fiercely competitive world. this week, we received good news on that front. we learned the unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level in nearly two years as the economy added another 222,000 private-sector jobs last month. we have a lot more work to do. the progress we are seeing says something about the determination and ingenuity of our pe
Mar 19, 2011 6:15pm EDT
washington state's third congressional district. i would like to begin by saying on behalf of the people i represent, that we are thinking of the people of japan and praying for them as they continue to deal with the devastation following last week's earthquake and tsunami. i have only been in congress for two months now, but i like to think of my job as being just for washington. rising costs of gas and health care, and other challenges, are keeping small business owners struggling while at the same time they wonder what kind of that tax hike the government will hand down to them next. an army of lobbyists is trying to block any effort to reduce our 14 trillion dollar debt. they are also creating regulation after regulation and breeding more fear and uncertainty. as a result, our economy is not producing enough jobs. it is struggling. i want to get all of the overspending and overregulation out of the way so that the country we know and love can prosper. right now, the new house majority is hard at work on eliminating regulatory barriers to job creation. earlier this month, the house vote
Mar 28, 2011 5:00am EDT
the answers are coming up. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. great to have you join us on a monday morning. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden is standing by with traffic. we start with steve rudin. the snowfall yesterday did not amount to much but we set a record at dulles. >> we shattered the old record at dulles international airport with a sense of an inch of snow. the old record was in 1983, just a trace. to read about it. mainly clear skies to the north cloud approaching from the south and west. maybe a shower south of fredericksburg this morning, but nothing that will amount to a lot. temperatures well below average for this time of year, mid to upper low 40's up to about 50 degrees. the potential for more winter weather is on the way. details are coming up in a few minutes. first, lisa baden. >>> looks good in the district, no problems around the beltway. quiet headed north into baltimore, south into richmon
Mar 8, 2011 3:38am EST
'd rather draw a line in the sand than agree to cut another dime in spending at a time when washington is spending about $4 billion more every day -- every single day -- than it is taking in. republicans have been hopeful that we could make progress and reach a bipartisan solution on this issue. so it's my hope that the assistant majority leader was speaking for him sieved and not for his entire side. this of course is the debate that most people in washington will continue to be focused on this week. and it's an important debate. but focusing on day-to-day expenses threatens to obscure an even larger threat, and here i'm talking of course of entitlement programs like social security, exphair medicare, and medicaid. anyone who has looked at these programs closely knows they're becoming unaffordable. that doing nothing risks not only the future of these programs ourselves, but our nation's future as well. anyone who looks at history also knows that the best time to address a crisis like this is a time like right now, when two parties share power in washington. this is the time, mr. pres
Mar 8, 2011 1:08am EST
combine. what is washington doing? thank god for the tea party. i noticed -- [applause] thank god for paul ryan and the republican party and steve king and others. washington is not about leadership. washington is not about the people. washington is about money and reelection. had he figured it out? -- have you figured it out? i will tell you a story, the nation is hurting, and washington, d.c., is a boom town. how does that grab you? i tell you what they are addicted to. special interest money, all i want is access money, wall street money, to be to fail money. union money, the pac money, pac money back money, corporate money, a pharmaceutical money, all subsidy money, ethanol subsidy money, insurance money, tort reform money. the system is institutionally corrupt. where are the people? they're left that. i go to washington once every two or three years, to spend a couple of days, see what the old boys are doing -- nothing. they have a fund raiser every night, and the old guys are auctioning off for their retirement so they can be a lobbyist. am i telling the truth? that is washington, d.
Mar 12, 2011 5:30pm PST
the stretch for washington. gus: long three-pointer. guess who gets the rebound? the smallest man on the floor, thomas. that is his fifth to go along with six dimes and 26 points. bob: kyle fogg has a quad injury, kind of limping around. isaiah should take him. gus: 10 to shoot. baseline, gant lets it go it is deflected and picked up by thomas. great hustle by the washington squad. bob: they deserve it. gus: nobody from arizona went after the rock. ross, back to isaiah. two minutes to go in overtime. game tied up at 68-68 at the end of regulation. pull-up jumper, off of the back rim for ross. snatched down by jamelle horne. bob: momo jones not in the game. freshman, jordin mayes. gus: horne can hit big shots. fogg. williams had it and out of bounds. washington will get it again. bob: the ball hit the underside of the backboard. lots of guys crashing the boards there. gus: now momo comes back into the game for arizona. bob: as does parrom. fogg and mayes go out. ball hit the underside of the backboard. that is when the whistle sounded. gus: isaiah wilcox, step-back jump shot and that is an offe
Mar 2, 2011 6:30pm PST
. >>> >>>josé: expectativas ante un encuentro anunciado el presidente calderón viaja a washington. se espera que la seguridad y el flujo de armas centro tren el diálogo con su homólogo estadounidense. estamos en la capital con cobertura completa. desde méxico, ¿que esperan de esta visita? los principales candidatos a ocupar la casa de los hijos. crece el consumo, producción y las rutas de trafico de drogas de los carteles mexicanos. - peligro en texas, muchas ciudades pueden dejar de ser puertas abiertas para inmigrantes indocumentados. >>> hoy noticiero telemundo con josé díaz-balart desde washington dc. >>> muy buenas tardes, de la capital estadounidense, donde hoy llega el presidente mexicano felipe calderón, en una visita oficial, en momentos tensos en t la s relación entre los dos países. tenemos una cobertura completa desde aquí. comenzamos en la misma casa blanca en directo está lori montenegro. lori, muy buenas tardes, el tema de la seguridad fronteriza ¿creo que será importante en la conversación entre los dos mandatarios no?. >>> >>>lori: así es josé, y
Mar 4, 2011 12:00pm EST
at washington's biggest hospital. hundreds of nurses and union members are making their voices heard. pamela brown is live outside washington hospital center with the latest. >> there's a lot going on today. the hospital says two thirds of the staff expected to show up for today did show up. behind me there's a growing group of nurses on strike outside of the hospital. they say it comes down to patient care and the need for more resources. but the hospital says it is just trying to adapt to changing industry. hundreds of nurses at washington hospital center went off the job and onto the picket line at 7:00 this morning. the crowd marched from first and irving streets making their voices heard. many protesters were allowed to stay, while the rest were told to leave. >> we are here is a registered nurses trying to get paid and have benefits like everyone else. >> the 24-hour strike is a last resort after a year of contentious contract negotiations. >> this is our last alternative. we need to understand that we support the patients. >> the main sticking point is hard to pay, extra money given t
Mar 23, 2011 5:00am EDT
light showers to the north of washington since 11:00, 12:00 last night. now, this morning, radar is showing a few showers along the pennsylvania border into northeastern maryland. getting a few sprinkles in western maryland. and in the 40s in most of the region. 46 at reagan national. and rural areas of virginia. culpeper now near 50. even a bit warmer south and west of there. in the 60s now in parts of kentucky. southern indiana and tennessee. some of that milder air will try to make it in here later today. a lot of cloudiness and passing showers. then, by late afternoon, likely will have some showers and thunderstorms, some of the heavier downpours, some of the late afternoon into the evening it when it should occur. we should make it to 60. and a look at night planner in minutes. >> here, along i-270, a lot of road spray. enough of that light spra i to bring up the oil, making it slick. 95, all the way to the capital beltway, moving along without delay. and checking things out, downtown, southbound, new york avenue, right there. the marathon is this weekend. traffic will be ti
Mar 26, 2011 5:30am EDT
. washington also remembers the impact she had here on our area. and on the lives of those suffering from hiv/aids. john schriffen has more on the legendary actress's legacy here in our district. and beyond. >> gods have time to give you. >> reporter: here beautiful violet eyes mesmerized the world for decades. even here in washington, d.c., a town built on power and connections, elizabeth taylor was a star. beyond her talent on the screen, many in our area are remembering the hollywood icon for her other passion. >> i remember her absolutely selfless dedication. you know, to people who were in -- in need. >> reporter: back in 1993, d.c. council member jim graham worked with taylor to raise awareness for hiv/aids. it was then the executive director of the whitman walker clinic in northwest d.c. he remembers the day at a lore accepted his invitation to have the building named after her and come to the celebration. he proudly keeps the signed program hanging in his office. >> she didn't just come, you know, she really involved herself in the clinic while she was here. and she went to one of our
Mar 4, 2011 12:00pm EST
. >>> thanks for joining us. i'm jc hayward. hundreds of nurses have left their jobs at washington hospital center to join picket lines. it is the result of a dispute over wages, benefits, and staffing levels. our surae chinn reports that negotiations have broken off. >> reporter: hundreds of nurses on the picket line detoured on to hospital property. >> sir -- i don't want to -- >> reporter: but striking nurses are fighting for better wages and benefits. they say the biggest sticking point is proper staffing. they say there's not enough nurses for all the patients. >> the icu's, they often have one or two patients at a time. two patients have a lot of issues going on and really need to be monitored constantly, but they'll be split between one nurse. >> the hospital was safe yesterday, it's safe today. it will be safe tomorrow. >> reporter: but even this morning nurse nicole says she was told to leave early to avoid running into the temporary nurses. >> patient safety was compromised within that hour because there weren't enough nurses covering the patients. >> reporter: they're planning on
Mar 4, 2011 6:00am EST
and last all weekend. >>> also today, nurses at washington hospital center are going on the strike. >> the one day labor action begins in less than an hour. >> surae chinn is live outside the hospital in northwest washington. tell us why the nurses are walking off the job today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it has to do with wages and benefits and other things like that. in the 11th hour, it looks highly unlikely that a strike will be averted. matt brock here with the washington hospital center is here to talk about the problems and let's also talk about the hospital itself. and the patient care. none of that will be sacrificed. i know you're flying in 600 nurses, but there are 1600 nurses at the hospital who work here. >> there are 1600 who work here. we'll be taking account of them and as you said, we have nurses to replace them. what is a little different there is that many of them actually have already worked here. they're familiar with our hospital. the ones who are not or who are new, we took through an orientation process and they're perfectly capable of filling
Mar 23, 2011 6:00am EDT
to washington this afternoon. he's in el salvador right now. the last stop on his latin america tour. the president cut his visit short by a few hours to come back to d.c. >> the maryland senate takes up a plan to add a sales tax to beer, wine and liquor sales. it would up the price by a dime. supporters believe it can bring in $90 million a year for the state. >> today is the day george washington university surprises d.c. high school seniors with full scholarships. this is video from last year. seven d.c. seniors will get the awards this year. >> while you slept, new developments in the disaster in japan. >> right now, black smoke is coming out of a reactor at fukushima nuclear plant. workers have been evacuated for now. >> radiation is being found in the tap water in tokyo. it is twice the level of what's considered safe for infants, this morning, the death toll sits at 9300. thousands more people are still missing. japan's nikkei index stock market fell more than 1.5% in trading today. the european markets are slowing it down so far. >>> now to the latest on the war in libya. moa
Mar 2, 2011 4:30am EST
in america this morning. >> get more news anytime at >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> gas straight ahead, new developments from charlie sheen 's published war with cbs and the latest turmoil in the actor's personal life. good morning, washington. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. more on that in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, adam caskey. there was a little ice on the windshield this morning. >> it's not bad, but definitely cooler temperatures right now. let's get to the numbers. 34 and the district, 32 in frederick, 34 in manassas, 27 incumbent, 35 in fredericksburg. we are above freezing for the most part. temperatures will continue dropping. high temperatures in the mid to upper 50's today. much warmer than yesterday. however, it will become breezy this afternoon around lunchtime and thereafter. that's because of a cold front and that will drop our temperatures to more. clear and breezy tonight in the 20's with wind chills in the teens tonight and at this time to mature. tomo
Mar 30, 2011 4:30am EDT
morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead a cold, wet wednesday forecast. a mix of rain and snow before the day is over. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. the forecast is a mixed bag. >> today will be one of the bay wettest. 45 in the district. temperatures should drop the rest of the day. 32 in cumberland, 34 in hagerstown. north and west of the metro is where we will see the most snow flakes this morning. that is where we could have minor accumulations, especially in the highest elevations. the precipitation is pushing toward the mid atlantic. scattered areas of light rain mixed with snow flakes at times, afternoon temperatures near 40. tomorrow mostly cloudy. a few isolated sprinkle. it will still be cold tomorrow with high temperatures in the mid to upper 40's with a few isolated showers all the way through saturday. warming up into the 50's this weekend. >>> let's look at the american legion bridge.
Mar 11, 2011 11:00pm EST
..los rescatistas tambien llevan siguiendo esta cobertura especial, en washington el presidente diata a la nacion asiatica... fernando tras el devastador terremoto en japon que lo siguio un aun mas mortifero maremoto, que ya ha dejado cientos de victimas y kilometros de destruccion a su paso, el gobierno de estados unidos reacciono ofreciendo sus condolencias y toda la asistencia que sea posible. naves de guerra estadounidense como el blue ridge estan enviando ayuda a japon, entre ellos equipamiento pesado para levantar escombros. el tsunami tambien golpeo costas de hawaii, guam y la costa oeste de estados unidos y el citen, pero tambien se concentra costa del pacifico de nuestro pais. "la cruz roja americana se encuentra prestando ayuda en toda la parte de la osta occidental. estamos super atentos en hawaii e islas cercanas. mos abierto refugios en oregon, california y washington." y ya se reciben donaciones para ayudar a japon a superar el peor terremoto de su historia. "por favor visiten nuestro sitio web alli pueden encontrar
Mar 18, 2011 11:00pm EDT
washington para tomar parte en una reuncohorario especial tiene por objeto permitir a nuestra comunidad hacer preguntas sobre educacion, las oportunidades que existen para seguir una carrerar universitaria y otros topicos para mejorar la educacion de los latinos..esta cita es parte de la campana de univisiom denominada icipacion de mos, medica, se realla decimota con el objetivo de intercambiar y discutir politicas de salud, se desarrolla en washington la decimo quinta conferencia anual de la asociacion de medicos hispanos. nuestra asociacion se esta enfpcando durante esta semana en la salud hacia nuestra comunidad latina y tratando de traer mas y mas a la luz los problemas que hay de salud en nuestra comunidad latina. la implementacion de politicas de salubridad a nivel de la comunidad hispana y los multiples desafios que esto implica es tema de analisis y discucion. como vamos a implementar la reforma de salud y para mejor servir a la comunidad hispana y con un enfoque muy grande en como vamos a crear los medicos, los profesionales eneras etc. conocer la otorgacion de becas a estudia
Mar 30, 2011 11:00pm EDT
inmigrantes en el pais en washington dc jose angel aguirre univision surgen mas detalles del presunto intento de fraude para reclutar victimas de accidentes vehiculares que involucra al abogado ryan lahuti, y tres personas mas... segun una declaracion jurada de la corte, kenneth williams y alba bustamante, reclutaban a victimas de accidentes vehiculares e incluso les presionaban para que exageraran sus lesiones a fin de recibir mayor compensacion del seguro.. la inflacion de reclamos de seguro es ilegal... williams y bustamante referian a las victimas a lahuti y a quiropracticos no identificados, a cambio de una compensacion... una asistente de lahuti, identificada como nancy reyes, tambien presuntamente presiono a un agente encubi a mentir en sus respuestas sobre su es de salud... el fbi y la policia de washin realizaron un operativo con un agente encubierto y un reporte falso de un accidente.. el abogado y las otras tres personas enfrentan representantesley que permitiria extender un programa de subsidios a estudiantes de bajos recursos en el lesly es una estudiante que ha rec
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